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Thick Toast 4.90
Fruit Toast / Raisin Toast 5.90
All served (2 slices) with butter & your choice of jam, marmalade, honey, vegemite or peanut butter
Open Grill 5.90 
A thick slice of toast with avocado & tomato
Fresh Fruit Salad 10.90 
With yoghurt, honey & L.S.A. 11.90
Energy Muesli 12.90
Toasted or natural with fresh fruit salad, yoghurt honey & L.S.A.
Açai Breakfast Bowl 12.90
Açai berries blended with fresh apple juice, banana & strawberry. Served with toasted muesli, fresh banana, strawberry & coconut
Super Bowl 12.90
Natural muesli, yoghurt, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, L.S.A., chia seeds, goji berries, topped with strawberries, banana, kiwi fruit & honey
Poached or Scrambled Eggs 
Served on thick multi-grain toast 8.90
Served with mushrooms, roma tomatoes & grilled onions 14.90
Mini Raw 8.90
1 poached egg sprinkled with cracked pepper on sourdough, layered with baby spinach & an oven baked roma tomato
Classic Bacon & Egg Roll 9.90
Free range egg & bacon with home-made sweet tomato & chilli jam on turkish bread
Gourmet Bacon & Egg Roll 12.90
Free range egg & bacon with honey mustard aioli, fresh tomato, spinach leaves & cheese on turkish bread

Brekkie Burrito 14.90
Fried eggs, 4 bean mix, bacon, avocado, cheese with a sweet chilli & tomato jam toasted in a herb & garlic lavash
Eggs Benedict 
2 poached eggs on toasted sourdough with baby spinach & hollandaise sauce
With bacon or ham 14.90
With salmon 16.90
Potato Fritter Stack 14.90
Potato fritters layered with spinach & field mushrooms topped with a creamy basil cumin sauce
Roasted Vegetable Omelette 15.90
Freshly roasted vegetables & feta cheese served with thick multi-grain toast
Corn & Zucchini Fritters 15.90
Corn, zucchini & chive fritters served with grilled bacon, avocado & a poached egg on a bed of baby spinach
TCH Omelette 15.90
Ham, cheese & tomato omelette served with thick multi-grain toast
Smoked Salmon Sensation 17.90
Smoked salmon, spanish onions, capers & poached eggs served with dill sauce on a bed of baby spinach & toasted sourdough
Maxi Raw 18.90
Eggs any way with bacon, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled onions, baby spinach & thick toast
Gluten-free bread, lavash, muesli 1.00ea
Tomato, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, egg, onions 2.50ea
Bacon, ham 3.50ea
Chicken, tuna, smoked salmon, turkey 5.00ea


Three Cheese Lentil Triangle 6.90
Sautéed lentils & vegetables mixed with fresh herbs, feta, cheddar & parmesan. Served with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce
Side Salad 6.90
Mesclun, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, alfalfa sprouts, capsicum served with exotic moroccan dressing (great with pattie, pie or roll)
Soup Du Raw 9.90
Ask about our daily yummy, healthy soups made with fresh seasonal ingredients served with crispy toast
Mexican Roll Up 12.90
Gluten free 5 bean & sweet corn patty with a crisp green salad, avocado, sour cream & sweet chilli sauce all wrapped in a herb garlic lavash
Raw Mediterranean 12.90
Layered grilled eggplant, zucchini, roast capsicum, olives, mushrooms & ricotta. Served on baby spinach & topped with napoli & shaved parmesan
Vegetable & Pesto Ricotta Lasagne 12.90
Roasted vegetable, napoli sauce & pesto ricotta layered in lasagne sheets & topped with melted cheese
Meaty Raw 17.90
A large garden salad with moroccan dressing & your choice of tuna, turkey, ham, tofu, chicken or smoked salmon


Choose from:
1. Herb & garlic lavash, rye roll or breadless
GF, turkish bread, sourdough 1.00 extra
2. Toasted or not
All served with soy mayonnaise, crispy garden salad, caramelized onion, cheese & moroccan dressing.
Mexican 5 bean, sour cream, sweet chilli 12.90
Macadamia & lentil 12.90
Organic beef burger 14.90
Moroccan chicken 13.90
Marinated tofu with sweet chilli 12.90


Your choice of herb & garlic lavash, wholemeal multigrain, white or rye.
GF, turkish bread, sourdough 1.00 extra
Ham, cheese & tomato or pineapple 7.90
Avocado, garlic feta spread, tomato & spanish onion 7.90
Pesto, roasted vegetables, red onion & swiss cheese 11.90
Tuna, olive & sundried tomato tapenade, avocado, feta cheese & rocket 11.90
Turkey, cranberry sauce, avocado, mung beans, alfalfa & swiss cheese 11.90
Chicken, avocado, brie, honey mustard aioli & fresh cos lettuce 11.90
Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, spanish onion, capers & dill sauce 11.90
Salad Galore with avocado garlic feta spread & fresh garden salad 10.90
Add turkey, ham, smoked salmon, chicken or tofu 13.90


Small 5.50 Medium 6.00 Large 6.90
Alex – apple, pineapple, rockmelon, strawberry, lime
Coolangatta gold – pineapple, pear, strawberry, lime
Mooloolaba sunrise – orange, pineapple, watermelon, lime
Tropical twist – orange, pineapple, ginger
Coolum crusher – watermelon, apple, strawberry, mint
Apple zinger – apple, pear, lime, ginger
Cold & flu buster – orange, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger
Inner cleanser – carrot, apple, celery, parsley
Liver cleanser – beetroot, pear, carrot, lemon
V6 – carrot, beetroot, celery, apple, lemon, ginger
Aragona – apple, rockmelon, pineapple, ginger, mint
Summer zest – orange, pineapple, apple, lime
Mint magic – apple, pineapple, ginger, mint
Green with envy – apple, pear, kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach
Iceman – apple, pineapple, grapefruit, lime, mint


All smoothies 7.90
Guavarama – guava, strawberry, pineapple, yoghurt, milk, honey, ice
Banana classic – banana, wheatgerm, ice cream, cinnamon, milk, honey, ice
Raw NRG – mango, strawberry, banana, L.S.A., maca powder, fresh orange juice, honey, ice
Mooloolaba magic – mango, banana, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, milk, honey, ice
Mango tango – mango, pineapple, coconut, passionfruit, soy milk, honey, ice
Raining berries – blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, passionfruit, ice cream, milk honey, ice
Big kahuna – banana, egg, dates, L.S.A., nuts, ice cream, milk honey, ice
Brekkie on the run – muesli, strawberry, banana, L.S.A., ice cream, milk, honey, ice
Yogi bear – banana, peanut butter, protein powder, ice cream, milk, honey, ice
Jungle juice – açai berries, pineapple, passionfruit, strawberries, banana, apple juice, honey, ice
Goji-a-go-go – goji berries, raspberries, blueberries, banana, fresh apple juice, honey, ice
Eenie meenie greenie 8.90 – banana, avocado, silverbeet, kale, parsley, celery, spirulina, apple, pear

Coffee and Tea

Small 3.60 Medium 4.10 Large 4.60
Standard Coffee – latte, flat white, cappuccino
Specialty Coffee
Black (short/long) 3.00
Macchiato/Piccolo 3.50
Pot of tea 3.60
Hot chocolate 4.50
Iced coffee/chocolate 5.00
Soy chai (loose leaf) 5.50
Mochaccino 4.50
Affogato 4.50
L.S.D. 3.90
Flavoured latte 5.00
(french vanilla, caramel, hazelnut)
Milkshakes 5.00
(vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lime, banana, caramel)
Soy, decaf, coconut milk, almond milk, zymil, extra shot 0.50ea


Mini Milkshakes 3.90
Raw’s Ironman Special 5.90
Baked beans with toast fingers
Humpty Dumpty 5.90
Mini scrambled eggs on toast
Funky Fruit Sticks 5.90
Fresh fruit pieces on skewers with a yoghurt dipper
Cheesy Soldiers 5.90
Thick toast with grilled cheese cut into fingers
Mini Jacks 5.90
Little pancakes served with strawberries & syrup

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