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Four friends sitting at the beach drinking raw energy smoothies
Girl holding her hat and drinking a smoothie

At Raw Energy, we are for real

Real food, real friends and real experiences.

At our cafes you’ll find artisan coffee, friendly service, nutritious & delicious food, and relaxed coastal vibes.

From all day breakfast, to burgers, acai bowls, smoothies, salads and juices, our menu has you sorted. We specialise in options for Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and more.

Find a Raw Energy cafe near you, or plan out your next weekend destination.


When it comes to our menu, our goal has always been the same – serve up the freshest, tastiest food and drinks that enable people to feel healthier and be the best versions of themselves.

Real food for real life

Food has such a big impact in our lives, so at Raw Energy we focus on making it a positive impact.

From your energy levels to emotions and – most importantly – your health, the right food can empower you to live the life you want.

We aim to serve our customers the ‘right stuff’, and educate our local communities about how to eat well, live well and take care of themselves and the planet.

A group of friends having Raw Energy takeaway picnic in the park

Go out and get real.

One of the best ways to enjoy Raw Energy is takeaway!

We love getting out and finding that perfect picnic spot you could just spend the whole day at.

Grab your coffee, catch some rays, maybe catch a wave, or go for a real life chat with someone over lunch in the park.

Whatever your destination, we’ve got the energy to fuel your life.

Get some Solar Tidal Friend Raw Energy

Boy giving girl a piggy back at the beach

socialise with us