5 Simple Daily Activities To Improve Your Health

5 Simple Daily Activities To Improve Your Health

Getting some sort of daily physical activity is one of the secrets to feeling and looking the best you possibly can. Walking is a simple and highly effective activity that can cause positive dramatic transformations in your health. Walking regularly not only reduces body fat and keeps your heart in healthy shape, but it also significantly reduces stress.

Simply taking a half hour walk after dinner every night can have profound effects on your health. It can increase circulation and cell oxygenation, aid in losing weight, and let any accumulated stress dissipate into nature.

Besides walking, here are five more subtle activities that can have amazing benefits if done daily:  

  1. Gardening – even for just 20 minutes a day can be beneficial. Gardening also helps you to sustain your own homegrown, all natural foods.
  2. Dancing to your favourite song while cleaning the house, washing dishes, or doing the laundry. It is a fun way to burn some extra calories and also work on your self-expression at the same time.
  3. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is priceless. You will burn calories effortlessly while lessening the environmental impact of using the elevator.
  4. Riding a bicycle to run close errands instead of driving because it combines exercise with doing chores, while lessening my carbon footprint.
  5. Deliberately parking further away in a car park can be a lot harder than it seems. It can be so convenient to take the first empty spot. In doing this though, you are forced to walk further to get to the store, which will burn a few extra calories.


All of the above activities (with the exception of riding a bike) are pretty subtle. It is however, more sustainable to start with a little subtle movement every day than it is to go right into rigorous exercise. By listening to your body, you can eventually and gradually transition to more strenuous activities. Mixing exercise with your regular daily routine is not only easy to do, but it also makes it more fun. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and come up with your own simple workouts.