Foods To Avoid When Trying To Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Foods To Avoid When Trying To Control Your Blood Sugar Levels

Keeping our blood sugar levels in check is one of the most useful ways to keep our mood, weight and even our heart health in check. It’s also vitally important if you’re one of the 422 million people worldwide who suffer from diabetes. Regardless of whether or not you’re a diabetes sufferer, keeping your blood sugar levels stable is important for everyone’s overall health.

Some other signs that your blood sugar could be out of balance are constant hunger, jittery or shakiness and big ups and downs in both mood and energy.

If this is starting to sound familiar and rings a few bells in your own mind, it might be time for you to make sure your blood sugar levels are where they should be.

Our blood sugar levels rise after we consume foods with easily accessible or “simple” carbohydrates. You may automatically think of white sugar as the culprit here, however there are also some other foods that can cause blood sugar levels to spike, which you may not have thought of.

Bread – Even The “Whole-Grain” Kind

The way bread is so massed produced today has stripped a lot of its nutrition. Many supermarket breads can skyrocket the body’s blood sugar. The starches in bread break down very quickly in the digestive tract and make their way into the bloodstream as glucose. Instead, try serving your dish on a thick slice of sweet potato or a quality sourdough.

Processed Meat

It may be time to say “no” to hot dogs. Whilst not suggesting cutting out meat all together however, studies show that eating lots of processed meat could contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.

You can simply swap processed meats for a less processed version or plant-based protein options such as beans or lentils.

Fat-Free Food

The term “fat-free” or “low-fat” is an easy one to get caught out on. We think we’re doing the right thing here, right!? Who knew that manufacturers generally have to increase the sugar content of these foods? By taking out the fat, foods often lose a lot of their flavour, hence the need to add sugar. Eating a few too many “fat-free” foods can send your blood sugar sky-high, making it difficult to control your overall calorie intake as well as maintain stable energy levels.

Refined Breakfast Cereals

Most grocery store breakfast cereals are typically laden with sugar. Without realising it, you can easily be consuming more than your recommended daily sugar intake simply by eating a bowl of your favourite cereal. Be sure to check the ingredients list and if sugar is listed as one of the first ingredients, it’s probably a good indication to steer clear. Instead, why not try making oatmeal with fresh fruit and cinnamon.