Get Healthy Get Happy Day 19

Get Healthy Get Happy Day 19

Day 19

If you get tired, learn to rest not quit.

Today’s Healthy Hack

According to the National Sleep Foundation a relaxing reading ritual prepares your body and mind for sleep. A winding – down ritual can help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a higher quality of sleep throughout the night.

Today’s Healthy Bite

Not Quite Apple Crumble


  • 1 X Apple
  • Natural Peanut Butter  
  • Cinnamon


Cut apple into quarters

Lather generously with peanut butter

Sprinkle with cinnamon

Enjoy! This snack is quick, easy, wholesome, nourishing and tasty!


Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, and dietary fibre plus may help reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Cinnamon is another power packed ingredient boasting such benefits as anti-inflammatory properties, protects heart health and fights infections and viruses. And Peanut Butter, what’s not to love about that?! Once you try it I guarantee it’ll become an afternoon favourite to curve those 3pm sugar cravings. Enjoy


Today’s 2-minute workout

Make sure your box is sturdy for this one! With one foot up and one on the floor, lift yourself up with the higher foot until your feet meet. Lower yourself back down and go again – it looks simple but 2 minutes of this will have you hurting!