Get Healthy Get Happy Day 27

Get Healthy Get Happy Day 27

Day 27

Food is fuel, not therapy.

Today’s Healthy Hack

If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Prepare your gym clothes the night before. Pack your bag if you have to with your work clothes, ready to shower & head straight to work.

Today’s Healthy Bite

So you’ve hit the afternoon slump. Rather than dashing out for a coffee try making yourself a fresh ginger tea instead. Ginger infused tea is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that will give you the afternoon boost without the caffeine rush.

Simply chop some ginger,  pour over boiling water and let it brew for 5 minutes. Remove the ginger, add a squeeze of lemon for extra yumminess & sip away.

Today’s 2-minute workout

Start in a standing position. Lunge down until your knee meets the ground, then stand back up. Swap sides and repeat.