Get Healthy Get Happy Day 29

Get Healthy Get Happy Day 29

Day 29

Last week! It’s the final countdown! (Also a good workout song)

Today’s Healthy Hack

Most overeating occurs around the dinner table when portion sizes are way too big. A great tip for this is to reduce your plate or bowl size. Research shows by doing this you won’t feel deprived, but you will feel full because you’ve eaten from a full (yet smaller) plate.

Today’s Healthy Bite

Bananas are a pretty good way of supplying your body with energy, so when you feel that afternoon slump coming on (we all get it) head to the fruit bowl & not the biscuit tin! The supply & release of vitamins & carbs in a banana help9 your body to feel full & satisfied.

Today’s 2-minute workout

Keeping your arms out to balance yourself, lower the full weight of your body into a sitting position, with your feet apart. Make sure to push your knees out and keep your head up.