Get Healthy Get Happy Day 30

Get Healthy Get Happy Day 30

Day 30

Make happy happen today.

Today’s Healthy Hack

Today make an effort to perform an act of kindness. Offer to help a stranger with their bags, donate loose change to a charity or surprise a friend or colleague by picking them up their favourite takeaway coffee. Studies show that giving back triggers the brain to release happy hormones – psychologists call it the ‘helper’s high’.   


Today’s Healthy Bite

Add a serve of legumes to your lunch, dinner or breakfast to improve your gut health. Legumes help strengthen your intestine cells, improve nutrient absorption, help with weight loss, improve immunity and lead to a happier mood. Today try adding beans to your breakfast or chickpeas to your lunch or lentils to your dinner. Your gut and your mind will thank you for all the fibre, protein, folate and vitamin B those little legumes will provide.


Today’s 2-minute workout

Great for balance. Balance on one foot, bring your other knee up and pull it towards your chest. Hold for a few seconds, then swap and repeat.