Get Healthy Get Happy Day 33

Get Healthy Get Happy Day 33

Day 33

Happiness looks good on you, you should wear it more often!

Today’s Healthy Hack

Source from your local farmers market. Notice how rich & vibrant the colours are compared to those on the shelves in your local supermarket. Buying from local farmers usually means the produce was picked that very day & all that extra goodness & nutrition is yours.

Today’s Healthy Bite

When we fuel our brain with foods that boost & balance brain chemistry that’s when we influence our mood. To balance your mental state opt for one (or more) of these foods today.

  1. Chia seeds (full of plant based omega 3)
  2. Avocados (loaded with vitamin E)
  3. Dark chocolate (gives an instant boost in mood)


Today’s 2-minute workout

More of a stretch, but being limber is always good. Balance on one foot while raising the other behind you and stretching it up towards your back. Swap feet and repeat.