Get Healthy Get Happy Day 34

Get Healthy Get Happy Day 34

Day 34

1 more day to go! Hustle for that muscle!

Today’s Healthy Hack

Make it fun! Know how you love to move. If it doesn’t appeal to you, you’re not likely to be consistent.

Do you like walking, running, maybe a quick 5-10 minute home workout? Do you want to dance along with a DVD or pull out a mat and hold some yoga?Find what you like, and do that. Include a friend to make it more interesting.

Today’s Healthy Bite

Eat the rainbow!

Red – improves heart & blood health

Orange – prevent inflammation

Yellow – fortifies skin elasticity

Green – detoxifies

White – strengthens immune system

Purple -protects the nervous system

Today’s 2-minute workout

Take a step forward, then drop your rear knee to the floor. Stand back up again, take another step and repeat.