Get Healthy Get Happy Day 9

Get Healthy Get Happy Day 9

Day 9

Not so hard right? Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a monumental commitment.

Today’s Healthy Hack

In our busy and hectic lives it can be hard to stay mindful and present. There are many apps that help you do just this! Have a look through the app store and find one that suits you. Start today adding some mindfulness to your schedule and see how you feel by the end of the campaign.

Today’s Healthy Bite

Want to feel good from the inside out. Juicing is a perfect way of getting in those extra fruits and veggies. Perfect for those afternoon pick me up’s too.



3 green apples

2 stalks of celery

1 lemon peeled, deseeded

4cm Fresh piece of ginger

8cm Frest piece of turmeric

Blitz together all of the ingredients and serve. Feel the goodness bursting through your veins in just minutes!


Today’s 2-minute workout

Find a heavy object like a big book. Keeping your back straight and feet apart, squat down and push your elbows to your knees.