Super Green Goodness in a Bowl

Super Green Bowl

Super Green Goodness in a Bowl

Our Instagram feeds are full of the most carefully created smoothie bowls and we can’t get enough! Get ready to ditch the straw, pick up the spoon and tuck into a super green bowl we know you’ll love.

Some might say, “Isn’t it just a smoothie, in a bowl?” No! It’s so much more than ‘just’ a smoothie. These vitality boosting bowls could well be the queen of all smoothies.

Of course, the consistency of the smoothie is a little thicker than usual, lending itself to a bowl, packed full of nutrients and goodness to fuel the body.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it’s then topped with even more wholesome goodness; tropical fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, seriously you can go crazy adding all of your favourites to the bowl.

These dairy free, energy boosting bowls of goodness not only look pleasing to the eye but leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.


Super Green Bowl Recipe

For the smoothie:

A handful of spinach

1 apple

6 pieces of frozen mango

1/2 an avocado

1/2 cup of water

Add all ingredients to the blender. 10 seconds will do. Pour into a bowl and top with even more goodness. (Remember you want the consistency to be thick, no straw sipping action required!)


Choose your toppings:

Fresh berries

Mango slices

Banana chunks

Kiwi slices

Hemp seeds

Shredded coconut

Nuts (raw or roasted)granola


We’d love to know how you get on in the kitchen, tag us on Instagram when you make yours, we promise you’ll love them.

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