Meet Jay Giles, our new Operations Manager at Raw Energy HQ

Meet Jay Giles, our new Operations Manager at Raw Energy HQ

How long have you been with Raw Energy? 

I started when I was 19,  I worked as a dishy and came through the ranks cooking while I was at university. I stayed for 3 years, then left to Europe for 7 years. Since I’ve come back home, I’ve been with Raw Energy for 14 months.

And what is your current job there? 

Franchise Operations Manager, I visit all the cafe’s just making sure everything’s running smoothly. I offer advice and recommendations to boost  performance, work on menu development, training staff at new store openings, etc. It’s a fairly broad job role.

What do you like best about Raw Energy?

Just how unique each shop is. Each shop has it’s own unique staff, positive vibes and culture; it’s more then just a cafe.

Your favourite Raw Energy dish?

I’ve got 3 equal favourites, the Mexican Rollup, the Beef Burger, and the Eggs Benny with Bacon (of course).

Favourite ingredient?

Thats a hard question. Any spice or herb to add depth to the flavour. Cumin, fennel seeds, coriander, turmeric…my answer will change every week. I’m always experimenting, I’ve been taught not to follow recipes, just to use them as rough guidelines.

What makes you happy?

My fiancé, my family, and my friends. It’s the simple things in life. Surfing, cooking and travelling are just bonuses.

Favourite Band?

Incubus has always been up there for me. Any Aussie Hip Hop puts a spring in my step too.

Favourite Colour?

Do people even have favourite colours? Ha, umm…before 9am, coffee. Coffee is my favourite colour.

Something most people don’t know about you?

Outside of the kitchen, I’m terrible at making quick decisions. I hesitate. Relatively empty carparks make me panic with too many options to park. Oh, and I hate bush turkeys.