Spice Up Your Workout

Spice Up Your Workout

Winter is finally over – which means the beach body countdown is on. If your regular routine has you feeling a bit blah, kickstart your summer fitness with some fun activities that will get you toned (and laughing).

Bounce back

Trampolines aren’t just for little kids – they also give you a great workout. But don’t just take our word for it. NASA once studied the fitness benefits of trampolining and found it provided a more efficient cardio workout than running on a treadmill (it’s also low-impact, which means it’s much kinder on your ankles and knees). Indoor trampolining centres with fitness classes are springing up all over the place (see what we did there?), but you can always fall back on the trusty backyard version for a killer leg and ab workout.

Aerial exercise

If plain old yoga or pilates isn’t hitting the spot anymore, take your practice to new heights with an aerial version. Aerial exercise classes use soft trapezes or slings and combine yoga, pilates, acrobatics and resistance training techniques to improve balance, strength and flexibility.

Dancing in the dark

Want a full-body workout that builds fitness, tones muscles and promotes strength and agility? Get ready to shake your tail feather. Dance classes are a great way to burn calories while challenging your body with a range of diverse movements. But if you’re a bit challenged in the coordination department, never fear: the friendly folks at No Lights Lycra have you covered. These regular community dance parties take place in near darkness, with no mirrors, routines or judgment – just the freedom to get down (and sweaty).