Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not


According to foodwise.com.au, Australian households throw out around 20 per cent of the food they buy – at an average cost of $1300 per year. Here are some easy tips to help you minimise your household food waste.

Only buy what you need

The best way to limit waste is to buy less food. Make a meal plan, draw up a shopping list and then stick to it – which means no sneaky snacks or impulse purchases. Only buy in bulk if it’s a staple you’re sure you’ll use, like rice or flour.

Use what you have

Forever throwing away vegetables? Cook meals that allow you to clear out the crisper. Finely chop leftover carrot, capsicum, mushroom and cauliflower and add to burritos, spag bol or omelettes. And be sure to check the pantry for hidden cans of tomatoes and chickpeas before buying more.

Clean the fridge

Yes, it’s an awful chore. But unless you want to keep ending up with eight tubs of mouldy sour cream, you need to make sure that what goes into your fridge comes out within a reasonable timeframe. Make a habit of checking the use-by dates on jars and bottles, and organise the shelves so you can visualise what’s in there – large items at the back and smaller ones to the front.