Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

As the mercury drops it can be easy to find excuses for skipping your exercise sessions. But in order to maintain fitness, it’s important to keep training through the colder months. Here are some tips to help winter-proof your regular exercise regime.

Try hot yoga

Hot yoga takes place in a heated studio (usually between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius). The heat is a nice contrast to the chilly outdoors and helps you stretch more deeply, allowing for greater movement in your muscles and joints. Hot yoga also requires mental stamina, a challenge that can help keep you motivated during the winter months.

Keep moving

If you love to run in summer, there’s no reason why you can’t keep up the kilometres in winter. As the temperature drops, try a few shortened runs to let your body adjust to the cold air. Ditch the shorts and singlet in favour of tights and light sleeves, and consider your timing and routes – shorter days mean less daylight.

Start lifting

Too cold for your regular run, swim or cycle? Winter is the perfect time to start incorporating some weight or resistance training into your exercise program. Swap out a cardio session for some strength-building exercises – a qualified trainer can help you design a program that targets your problem areas. You’ll head into summer feeling toned and strong.

Stay hydrated

No matter what kinds of exercise you choose, it is crucial that you maintain your water intake. In cooler weather the body tends to not feel as dehydrated, which means it’s important to drink water even when you don’t necessarily feel like it. Keep up your six to eight glasses per day and your body will thank you.