Raw Energy has partnered with Coffee Professional Tim Adams and his expert team of roasters, baristas and suppliers to create our very own specialty coffee blend, Steve.

Yep, Steve is the name of our coffee. If you haven’t met Steve yet, you need to.


Steve is rich, sweet, complex and enjoys long walks on the beach. Start your day with Steve and he’ll set you right for the day, or take Steve to work where he’ll keep you motivated – it doesn’t matter when or where but a little quality time with Steve goes a long way.


Steve represents our renewed focus at Raw Energy to meet the increasingly savvy palate of the Australian coffee drinker and serve up ethically sourced and sustainably grown world-class specialty coffee.

Spend some quality time with Steve.

Steve is a blend of 4 ethically sourced, sustainably grown, direct-trade beans

Don Fabio from Honduras is the man behind one of the coffee varieties that make up Steve. Here he is with Tim Adams at his farm in the La Paz region, which sits at a massive 1500 metres above sea level and gives the beans a full bodied flavour with distinct notes.


Region: La Paz

Altitude: 1,500masl

Processing: Washed

Farmer: Don Fabio

Varietal: Caturra & Catuai


Region: Parana

Altitude: 800masl

Processing: Natural

Farmer: Luiz Rodrigues

Varietal: Yellow Catuai


Region: Nueva Segovial

Altitude: 1,150-1,550masl

Processing: Washed

Farmer: Isacio Albir Vilchez

Varietal: Catuai


Region: Sao Sebastiao

Altitude: 1,100-1,300masl

Processing: Natural

Farmer: Diogo Machaedo

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Consisting of four Central and South American bean varieties, Steve has been masterfully combined to be rich and sweet with a balanced acidity.

With the beans originating in Honduras, Nicaragua and Brazil the blend comes with notes of creamy chocolate truffle and subtle spice when drunk with milk. When drinking Steve black you’ll notice thick toffee flavours with a red currant jelly mouthfeel and a long classic finish.


In our Raw Energy cafes we rolled out the red carpet for Steve by overhauling our coffee setup. Each cafe now boasts a beautiful new Italian La Marzocco (the standard for modern coffee machines), Compak grinders from Spain (in our opinion the best commercial grinder on the market), scales for maximum accuracy, an OCD for consistency, 5 hours of induction training plus ongoing in store training program and quality assurance program headed up by Tilly Sproule, barista at Tim Adams and 2016 QLD barista champion.

Tilly Sproule and Tim Adams, with Raw Energy Cotton Tree barista Rochelle.

L-R: Tilly, Rochelle, Tim.

Coffee seedlings at the farm in Nicaragua.

The extraction process is refined down to the millilitre of water and precise length of time, which is critical in getting the best from the coffee

Tim and James at the Tim Adams Roastery, where the beans are delivered, roasted, graded and blended to create Steve.