Yep, Raw Energy is revolutionising lunch with super-yum and super colourful menu additions that will seriously brighten your day!

Up to five fresh ‘bowls’ have been added to our menus. These new bowls are #ontrend because your lunch is well, served in a bowl and is totally Insta-worthy!

What makes them super though, is that each bowl is packed with nutritious, fresh, local ingredients, so they are just as salivating to the stomach as they are to your eyes.

Enough chit-chat you say? Show us the bowls!  Okay… Your eyes can thank us now and your stomach can thank us once you try these luscious lunches.

Asian inspired chicken and rice noodles, with flavours of soy, ginger and lime. This dish is light and fresh.

This is the protein bowl spiced with the flavours of Mexico. Wagyu beef, beans and quinoa are served with grilled lime and sour cream with an avocado and lime dressing.

Spiced chickpeas are tossed through a crispy garden salad, then topped with zesty red cabbage ceviche and served with a yoghurt and beetroot dressing.

Fresh turkey salad with almonds, goji berries, cranberries and seeds, tossed through spinach and roasted sweet potato with a pumpkin and turmeric dressing.

Imagine a warm hug of spice through chicken and quinoa, with roast veg and calming Labneh (hung yoghurt).