Plastic Straws Suck!

A bundle of Bamboo Straws

We’ve created the most feel-good bowl ever!

Dedicated to creating positive change for our oceans, Raw Energy have created a limited time menu item to celebrate giving plastic straws the flick. 

Introducing the new Blue Oasis Bowl! Submerge your spoon into this insta-worthy bowl or choose to enjoy sipping it as a smoothie.

Blue Oasis Bowl

What is the Blue Oasis bowl?

Made with blue spirulina, it has a vibrant colour and is packed with nutrients. And unlike green spirulina, it doesn’t have a fishy taste – winning!

Instead the flavour of the new Blue Oasis Bowl is a subtle, smooth, fresh, coconutty taste, all blended into a pleasingly refreshing, thick consistency.

The blue spirulina used is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants. The blue colour comes from the phycocyanin, a blue pigment derived from spirulina.

It’s recognised as a perfect detox superfood, which may aid in weight loss and boost energy. It also offers an array of many more health and digestion benefits.

The Blue Oasis is dairy and gluten free and is available for a limited time. Choose to enjoy it in a bowl topped with muesli and seasonal fruit for $15.50 or a smoothie for $11.50.

Blue Oasis Smoothie

Further Support Sustainability

If you want to show just how eco you are, ask us to round up the price. Raw Energy will donate the difference to Clean Up Australia!

Clean Up Australia is an Australian not-for-profit environmental conservation organisation. They work to address the environmental issues of waste, water and climate change.

Did you know that 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches, which is a pretty scary thought? Plastic straws seriously suck… but we know that some paper straws also suck!

Because fresh paper balls polluting your iced latte, or fresh juice is not cool, Raw Energy haven’t skimped on straw quality. We’re using paper straws made from 3 ply premium grade FSC® certified paper, sourced from managed plantations. They are carbon neutral and recyclable plus commercially and home compostable.

Raw Energy will help to save 70,000 straws every year from polluting our environment by cutting them from our cafes and we promise that this sustainable ship will keep steering!

The Blue Oasis Bowl and Smoothie are only available until March 18 or while stock lasts.

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