Pitaya Perfection

The Dragon Bowl, made from pitaya aka dragonfruit

We all know summer has a lot of things going for it: long days at the beach, icy cold drinks, lazy Sunday barbecues. But one of our favourite things about summer is having an excuse to eat fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In warm weather we often crave lighter, cooler meals, which means it’s the perfect time to up your fruit intake. And while we love our oranges, apples and bananas, sometimes it’s good to try something a bit more… exotic.

One of the most out-there fruits you’ll see this season is the pitaya, which you might have heard referred to as dragon fruit.

Pitaya are a bright, almost fluorescent pink fruit with distinctive green-tipped leaves. Inside, the most common variety has pearly white flesh with tiny black seeds (similar to a kiwifruit).

Now, we should warn you that pitaya don’t taste quite as bold as they look – the flavour is lovely and mild, kind of like a sweet cucumber. The flesh is delicious on its own, and because it’s high in dietary fibre and vitamin C it’s also a great addition to smoothies, juices and fruit salads. 

For a delicious summer breakfast (or lunch – we don’t judge) keep an eye out for Raw Energy’s new Pink Pitaya SuperBowl.