Sometimes, the best ingredient is the one that’s most difficult to pronounce. Yep, we’re talking about acai – a small, deep purple berry that has made its way from the swamps and floodplains of South America all the way to the breakfast bowls of tongue-tied foodies like you and me.

If you’ve been hesitant to order this delish superfood for worry of embarrassing yourself, never fear. It’s pronounced ah-sigh-ee, and sighing is exactly what you’ll be doing as you savour the deep berry kick and chocolately overtones that come with every bite. Thought something this yummy couldn’t be good for you? Each spoonful is packed with antioxidants, including anthocyanins, which can promote good heart health. Acai berries also have low sugar content, a good dose of essential vitamins and minerals, and plenty of dietary fibre.

Now, don’t go wasting precious hours hunting for fresh acai berries on your local supermarket shelves – the berries need to be freeze-dried within 24 hours of picking to keep their nutritional value intact, which means that unless your supermarket is in the Amazon you’re guaranteed to leave empty-handed. Frozen acai berries are the go, and lucky for you they’re the perfect base for Raw Energy’s new range of smoothie bowls.

We blend acai berries with frozen banana, fresh apple juice and a bunch of other health-packed ingredients to create a light, filling brekkie that’s as chill as a weekend yoga retreat. Practice saying it a few times in the mirror (“Ah-sigh-ee, ah-sigh-ee”) then get ordering. You can thank us later.

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