Summer Goals

Pair of sunglasses sitting in sand at the beach

Summer’s here and you know you have some health and fitness goals you want to achieve. Before you go busting a gut at the gym, here are 7 tips to make sure you are set up to win. 

TIP #1:

Make it fun!

If it doesn’t appeal to you, you’re not likely to be consistent. Do you like walking, running, maybe a quick 5-10 minute home workout? Do you want to dance along with a DVD or pull out a mat and hold some yoga poses? Find what you like, and do that. Include a friend to make it more interesting.

TIP #2:

Be intentional. Schedule. 

Are you an early riser? Set your alarm, get up and start your day moving your body. Commit to the time of day that works best for you. It’s amazing how the start of the day sets you up mentally and increases those happy hormones for the day. Just figure when you’re most likely to follow through and commit to that.

TIP #3:

Set a goal.

If you don’t have something that you’re working towards you’ll very quickly get distracted and lose your inspiration. Is it a bikini for the summer? Is it a dress for an upcoming wedding? Maybe it’s health related and you know that losing some kgs are going to have a dramatic impact on your health. Take a pic of yourself how you used to look, or the goal you’re working towards and stick it on your fridge or vision board and keep it in your sight every day.

TIP #4:

Commit to walking more.

Choose walking over the car when that option is possible. Get out with the kids and walk to the parks, walk the dog. When you’re at the beach, take a stroll instead of just sun baking all day. Find ways to just move and be in the beautiful sunshine. Your body will love you for the Vitamin D too.

TIP #5:

Be consistent.

Consistency not only creates those positive habits, but also will reward you through lifelong results. Show up for yourself and just see how much better you feel for introducing exercise into your routine 3-4 times a week.

Tip #6

Remember, results take time.

Nothing long term will be achieved overnight. So be realistic. Feed your body the best fuel you can. Stay hydrated, practice gratitude & smile often.

Tip #7

No stress.

Take the pressure off yourself in being the next fitness model or IG highlight reel inspiration and do what is possible for you, and be what you know can be without the stress and strive.

HIIT the Gym

Woman doing a chin up at the Gym

Fitness trends come and go, but it seems high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is here to stay. And if you’re looking to get fit and burn fat fast, it might be the new workout for you.

HIIT involves quick, intensive bursts of exercise followed by short periods of active recovery. Classes usually combine bodyweight exercises, high-intensity cardio and weight training. The idea is to give one hundred percent in the active periods, to keep your heartrate up and get maximum benefit in the least possible time.

HIIT is a shorter, more efficient workout – most sessions last for 30 minutes or less – but the increased intensity means your body will keep burning fat even after you’ve showered (or curled up in a ball on the floor). Regular sessions will get you fit, strong and toned, and will also contribute to increased metabolism.

As the name suggests, HIIT is high intensity, so your first few workouts will be challenging. Expect to feel it in your muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. Make sure you drink enough water before and after your workout and ensure your session is supervised by a trained professional. As always, consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

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