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8 Ways To De-Stress Outdoors

Mother nature. Think of it as nature’s anti-anxiety, anti-depressant medication. When you live in an urban area or have an indoor desk job, you are very likely suffering from a lack of nature. So imagine combining exercise with the powerful
A girl having a Flexetarian meal in the park

Flexitarian Life

You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself confused when reading all the different dietary labels on menus and in magazines – we hear you! From vegan all the way to flexitarian, we are here to break down some of the
Poached egg with veggies and bacon

Breakfast Boosters

It’s the morning meal that ‘breaks a fast’. Enjoying a nutritious breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, energises your morning and fuels your body with a healthy dose of nutrients. Busy mornings and tight schedules can result in some of us skipping breakfast entirely
Group of happy friends with healthy food

Foods That Can Boost Your Mood

If you’ve been feeling a bit blue and looking to regain that pep in your step, then it may be worthwhile paying a visit to your local grocery store. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids not only
Pair of sunglasses sitting in sand at the beach

Summer Goals

Summer’s here and you know you have some health and fitness goals you want to achieve. Before you go busting a gut at the gym, here are 7 tips to make sure you are set up to win.  TIP #1: Make it
A mans feet resting by the ocean

5 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Has anyone ever told you to “stay calm” or “just breathe” when feelings of anxiety creep up on you? That chest tightness, sweaty palms, and racing heartbeat can seem impossible to just breathe through, but there’s certainly hope! Try these

Foods to eat for luscious hair

There are many factors that affect our hair including hormonal imbalances, thyroid imbalance, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient scalp circulation. The good news is that there are so many foods that offer vitamins and minerals that support healthy hair!   Here are
Seedlings growing out of potting mix

5 Vegetables You Can Grow From Scraps!

Did you know that many of the stalks, beans, roots and seeds that end up in the trash could actually be the beginning of your future meals? If you do the grocery shopping for your family you will know that
Man working in a veggie garden

Want To Live “Greener”? Try These Easy Steps!

Going green doesn’t have to be difficult. We make choices daily that affect our footprint on the Earth. Try these simple ways to begin living a greener life!   Shop Locally Pack your reusable bags and spend a morning at
The Dragon Bowl, made from pitaya aka dragonfruit

Pitaya Perfection

We all know summer has a lot of things going for it: long days at the beach, icy cold drinks, lazy Sunday barbecues. But one of our favourite things about summer is having an excuse to eat fruit for breakfast,